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Planet Payroll Schools and Education

Planet Payroll Inc provides schools and educational institutions with a comprehensive solution to manage all of their HR, Payroll, Benefits and Insurance needs. We meet the specific requirements of education, helping you streamline recruitment to retirement via a secure web based HRIS.

Many administrative departments in schools and educational institutions are lacking the necessary staffs and technological improvements needed to operate the 21st century classrooms for their students. At Planet Payroll Inc, our solutions help administrative departments optimize their HR processes while streamlining many tasks associated with payroll, HR, benefits and insurance. Planet Payroll Inc’s cloud-based solution includes key components that stay current with your institutions changing needs, giving your IT team the freedom to focus on other critical projects.

With Planet Payroll Inc, schools and educational institutions receive:

  • Easy calculation and payment of stipend payments – paid out weekly, bi-weekly, monthly based on your specific requirements
  • Taxation based on 10 months rather than a 12 month standard calendar year
  • Track percentages for pension contributions
  • Automated entitlement accruals such as sick, vacation and personal time
  • Easy on boarding process for both your full time and part time employees
  • Cloud-based application, no hardware or software infrastructure is needed
  • Seamless integration to your general ledger
  • Employee self-service portal gives administrators and faculty 24x7 access to their personal information
  • Track performance reviews, disciplinary actions, turnover reasons, licenses/certifications, training, permits, EEO, workers’ compensation information, I-9 information, skills, languages, education history, and FMLA
  • Business Administrators can access key metrics via our dynamic dashboards and analytics