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Planet Payroll Restaurants Program

Employers in the restaurant industry must manage a very diverse and sometimes often changing employee landscape. But by centralizing their HR, Payroll, Benefits and Insurance data and processes, employers in the restaurant industry can simplify the management of the employee lifecycle.

Planet Payroll helps employers automate many of the manual tasks associated with payroll and benefits and through employee self-service empower their employees. Managers and administrators can set up and configure rule-based permissions to enable employee self-service. Employees—whether salaried, part-time, or seasonal— can easily access their pay stubs or benefit options at work or home.

With Planet Payroll, employers in the restaurant industry gain:

    • An integrated solution to manage a diverse workforce in various locations
    • Recruitment and application tracking
    • A centralized application that can be accessed regardless of location, 24/7 via the Internet
    • A mobile application to enable managers and employees to execute HR-based requests on-the-go, directly from their mobile device
    • G/L integration
    • Import POS/Sales data into Planet Payroll’s HRIS for more detailed reporting
    • Minimum Wage Make Up
    • Tip Sign Off Sheets
    • Weighted Over Time calculations
    • Fica Tip Credit reports

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