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We regularly receive some questions over and over again. While we don't mind answering them, to better serve our customers, and future customers, we've put together some of the really common ones here for you.

How can Planet Payroll help us?

Planet Payroll can save you time and money and provide peace of mind knowing that your taxes are being filed correctly and on time. Our easy to use software makes the once arduous task of entering payroll information easy. Decrease labor costs by having our staff do all the processing work and let our software hold all of your payroll history for fast, easy on demand reporting.

Listen to Steven Barnett's radio interview with John Criswell for the Headline Business Update Radio Show below.

Below is a message from Adam Kelly, talking about the many ways which Planet Payroll can save you time and money.

How does Direct Deposit work?

Direct Deposit is a way to automatically deposit employee funds to a financial institution. You supply us with employee banking information and the transactions happen automatically with funds appearing on your check date. Direct Deposit transactions are generated through the ACH (Automated Clearing House) network. This network requires two business days between input and check date to process Direct Deposit transactions. The ACH network is governed under Federal Banking Regulations. Planet Payroll Inc. follows this two day requirement. Download our PDF on the Cost Savings of Direct Deposit! (WARNING: Large file)

How do I get trained on your software?

Planet Payroll will send implementation specialists out to your location to gather payroll information and discuss your unique payroll needs. After this information is assembled, Planet Payroll will convert this data into our payroll software. Planet Payroll will then send a software technician to install the software and give a brief demonstration. Prior to your first payroll, an implementation specialist will again visit you and give in depth training focusing on your payroll needs. Planet Payroll will also be available for on site assistance during the first live payroll entry into our software.

Can I get Payroll Reports Customized to my needs ?

Absolutely! Planet Payroll provides a powerful report writer imbedded in our software. Custom reports can be simply created and run for any payroll period. If you desire a very complicated report, Planet Payroll will be happy to provide a quote for a one-time report creation fee. Once a report is customized, it can be run at your location for any range of check dates.

How can I get help if I have a question?

That is why we are here! Please call any one of our Client Service Representatives and ask! The only bad question is the one that never gets asked! Our software also not only has help screens but editable ones so you can enter in your own help as well!>PLANETPAYROLL.COM also has a in depth tax links area for almost every Federal, State or payroll related links to assist you with finding out your answer!

Need more??? We can send out a certified HR specialist to your office for special projects or analysis!

What do I need to know about outsourcing payroll?

These questions may help you decide if the prospective payroll company will provide you with the best service for you payroll needs.

  • What is included? What is not included?
  • How does it work?
  • Do I work with a payroll specialist assigned to my account or would I work with a different person each time?
  • Who can I call with questions?
  • What payroll reports are included, if any? What do they look like?
  • What are my options for reporting payroll data to the service provider? Is my information kept confidential?
  • How many deductions can be made per employee?
  • Can changes be made after the payroll data is reported? What is the timeframe for reporting changes?
  • How is the payroll delivered to me? What is the cost of delivery?
  • How will I be billed for the service?
  • What are the additional options that can be added to the basic service?
  • How do my employees get paid?
  • How are employment taxes paid?
  • Do you guarantee accuracy and timeliness?
  • If I am landed with a fine or penalty, who pays it?
  • What is the cost of the standard package and additional services?
  • How do I sign up?
  • Is there any limit to the number of employees I must have before I can sign up?
  • Do my employees have any restrictions on the number of accounts they can use?
  • What options do I have for reporting my payroll to you?
  • What are the benefits of these options?
  • Is there a separate cost associated with any of these?
  • What other services you offer might be of interest to me?

How secure is my data?


While PlanetPayroll.Net is accessible to anyone on the Internet, many precautions have been taken to ensure only the appropriate users see company specific data.

View our new security center! (Opens a PDF in a new window)

SSL Encryption

All communications between the client web browser and the web server are encrypted using 128‐bit SSL 3.0, the Internet standard for data encryption. Encryption ensures that no one can listen in to a conversation between the web browser and the web server.

Server Certificate-based Authentication

As part of SSL encryption, the Payentry.com web server provides the client browser with a certificate to verify its identity. A trusted certificate authority, such as GoDaddy, creates the certificate.

The certificate gives the client web browser confidence that the Payentry.com web server they are communicating with is indeed the web server owned by Payentry.com, and not some other party intercepting the Internet traffic to that site.

A real world analogy to certificate based authentication is a driver's license. A certificate authority (the Department of Motor Vehicles) issues a certificate (the drivers license) to an entity (the driver), and anyone who wishes (a policeman) can verify the authenticity of their claims to identity.

Client Password-based Authentication

The web server is assured of the identity of the client through a username and password combination. If only the client knows the password, the client must be who they say they are. Client accounts are setup with company users, ensuring a client can only login to their company and not any other companies in the same service bureau or any other service bureau. Password authentication is in wide use throughout all computer networks. Additionally, periodic password changes are required.

Client Access Control Authorization

Once the client has logged into the server, both are confident of each other's identity, and no one else can intercept their communications, sensitive data can be shared between the two.

What pieces of data and what processes are available to a user are controlled by Millennium’s powerful security system. This authorization control is fully honored by Payentry.com, ensuring that any user permissions setup in Millennium are in effect when using Payentry.com or the desktop application.

Database Logging

All changes to any data in Millennium are logged along with the user who changed the data, the old and new values, and the time the change was made. A complete audit trail is available for review.

Firewall Protection

A firewall is a networking device used to block Internet users from accessing machines on a secure network. The firewall sits between the Internet connection and the secure network and denies anonymous access to any machine on the network “inside” the firewall. Connections to the Payentry.com web servers are the only machines directly visible to Internet users.

The database server containing all sensitive data is completely restricted by the firewall, ensuring the only way Internet users can access the databases is through the web server. This provides broad protection from outside attacks by restricting outside access to only the web servers, which contains no customer data.

FAQs about Planet Payroll cards

What is the Planet Payroll MasterCard Payroll Card?

Planet Payroll Inc has partnered with TFG Card Solutions Inc. to offer our associates the TFG Payroll Card. The payroll card is a safer, more convenient and flexible alternative to a paper paycheck. You can eliminate unnecessary check cashing fees when cashing your payroll check.

How do I sign up for the payroll card pay option?

You can sign up for the payroll card through the Planet Payroll Website. Ask your employer for the web address or link.

What is the difference between the payroll card and direct deposit?

Direct Deposit puts your pay in a checking or savings account. The payroll card does not require a bank account.

Can I sign up for the payroll card and direct deposit?

No, you can enroll in only one of the electronic pay options.

Can I sign up for the payroll card if I am not in the US ?

Currently, the TFG card is not available as a pay option in Canada , California , Vermont , Illinois and New York . Check again later, as these locations may be included as time goes on.

Are all of my payroll earnings for the pay period loaded onto the payroll card?

Yes, every payday your net pay is deposited onto your card before 10 AM EST.

What are the benefits of having the payroll card?

The payroll card offers many of the same benefits as a personal direct deposit account. Some of the other benefits include:

  • No waiting for payroll checks to arrive that could be delayed due to holidays, weather or disasters.
  • Get your pay on payday even if it's your day off or you're out of town.
  • With your Citibank Payroll Card you can get cash and make purchases at millions of MasterCard locations worldwide such as retail locations, via phone or online purchases.
  • One free ATM or over the counter withdrawal per pay period at any MasterCard member banks and ATMs. Note: you may receive a surcharge from a non-participating ATM. Free locations can be found at Citibank online.
  • Free unlimited retail point of sale purchases with your payroll card.
  • Access to your cash via the pre-Check option. The Pre-Check feature is a pre-authorized, secure check which allows you to access the full amount of your earnings for free on the first withdrawal each pay period.
  • Instant cash access and balance updates at ATMs.
  • Free online account management including your balance and transaction history.
  • Bi-lingual customer service availability 24/7

Do I have to withdraw all my payroll earnings each pay period?

No, you can leave funds on the payroll card from pay period to pay period.

What charges do I incur when using the payroll card?

You will receive one free ATM withdrawal each pay period; additional withdrawals will be $1.90. Note: some ATM charge a fee for withdrawing funds, those fees will be deducted from payroll card balance.

Can Planet Payroll or my Employer track how I use the payroll card?

No, Planet Payroll nor your employer will not have access to view your transactions or purchases.

What can I use the pre-check for?

The pre-checks are designed for you to move money from your payroll card to the pre-check so that you can cash the pre-check at your bank or any other check cashing facility. You must call TFG Card Solutions to place dollar value on the pre-check before using.

Can I use the pre-check to pay bills?

No, you can only use it to cash the pre-check for funds.

Can I use the payroll card to pay bills online?

Yes, by accessing the company’s website related to your bill, you are able to pay bills with your payroll card information.

Can I make purchases online with the payroll card?

Yes, by accessing the company’s website related to your purchases, you can make purchases on-line.

Note: your charges may be “pending” until processed (usually 24-76 hours).

Who do I contact if the amount I was paid is incorrect?

If you have a question about your earnings, please contact your Payroll or HR Manager

What if my payroll card is lost or stolen from me? Can I get a new payroll card?

Yes, you should call 1-877-534-3436 immediately if you suspect fraud or have a lost/stolen card. A Planet Payroll Customer Service Agent will order a new card for you. Also, Planet Payroll supplies you with a temporary replacement card so that you can have access to your funds while they mail your new personalized payroll card to you.

Will I need to contact the HR Service Center because I have a new payroll card?

No, Citibank will update their system and send a file to Planet Payroll containing the new payroll card information. This will allow your pay to be posted to the correct card account.

What if someone uses the money loaded on my payroll card? Can I get the money back?

Yes, you must contact Planet Payroll as soon as you realize your payroll card has been stolen or lost. Because it is a MasterCard payroll card it has zero liability. This means you can have the money returned to you on your payroll card.

Can I use my Post Office Box to receive a personalized Citibank payroll card?

Yes, your payroll card will be mailed to the address on record in Planet Payroll Inc Human Resource/payroll system. Please verify your address before signing up for the payroll card to ensure your information is sent to the correct address.

Still more questions?

We know payroll and HR are complicated and complex issues - that's why we're here. If you have other questions, please complete the form below and we'll get right back to you. Thanks!