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The premier payroll and HR company in the southwest

At Planet Payroll, our tagline is "More than just payroll!"

That's because there's so much more to us than simply payroll. Think of us as your number 1 "go-to" for staff related matters. Yes, payroll, but your total Human Resources solution as well. Plus we also offer health insurance, retirement plans, ACA compliance and much more.


We believe we're the most progressive, customer-driven Employer Related Service Bureau in the Southwest. At Planet Payroll we look forward to creating a Custom Payroll and Human Resource system, as unique as your company. We're not the biggest, and that's to your advantage. We aren't bloated with inefficient bureaucracy! We run a highly efficient, customer-focused business, designed to free you from your payroll and HR nightmares. Relax, do what YOU'RE good at, and let us take care of staff matters!

Some of our services

Check out our services page for a full range of Planet Payroll's payroll and HR services. Here are three of the important areas we cover.

Affordable Care Act compliance

Affordable Care Act

Ensuring you're metting all areas and requirements of the ACA is critical to keep your business on the right side of the Government. 109 regulations spread over 10, 535 pages (not to mention the further 11.5 million + words added by unelected government officials) means compliance is not for the unskilled or unread.

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Human Resources support

Human Resources

The whole area of Human Resources gets ever more complex every year. You have a business to run, and not time to make crucial HR calls on a day-to-day basis. Planet Payroll can take the stress out of making good HR calls. We specialize in all areas of HR, assuring you stay in compliance and out of stress!

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Time management services

Time management services

As an extension to our overall Human Resources package, we also offer dedicated time management services for your company. Free yourself from handwritten timesheets and keeping track of who is working when. Handle it easu=ily and simply from your desktop, tablet or smartphone with a few clicks.

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Company profile

  1. 1991 - Collier and Steve Barnett created a Payroll Service Bureau in Dallas, Texas called Payroll Central. With an aggressive, but controlled growth they grew to 500 plus clients. Payroll Central is ranked as one of the best payroll service bureaus in the nation in part to its amazing 98% client retention rate.
  2. 1999 - Steve creates Planet Payroll a consulting company to other Payroll Service Bureaus throughout the nation.
  3. 2001 - Planet Payroll, Inc., a full service employer related service bureau in Phoenix, AZ.